How do i join?

If you'd like to join our team, shoot us an email at with your name, year, major, and a pitch for a story. We'll get back to you within 3-5 business days.

What type of news is this?

To be clear, this is a satire site. We are in no way stating that anything we write is true. Everything should be taken with as many grains of salt as it was written with. 

Why are you guys using squarespace at a school with Computer Science kids?

Honestly, it's just exhausting trying to recruit a CS kid (y'all are super awkward) and the entire staff has a CS GPA of 2.0. So we took the lazy route and got Squarespace (which is amazing btw) to do the work for us.


Are you officially affiliated with Georgia Tech?

No, we most certainly are not. We're a group of Georgia Tech students that doesn't have the willpower to tie ourselves to SGA or the Technique (awful publication by the way, so bad, lightweights, losers, they're so sad, fake news). 

Why did you name yourselves "The Crouton"?

We spent three weeks market testing various names and conducting focus groups in order to find the perfect name that would appeal to the largest segment of the student population possible. Then we just decided to pick The Crouton so we could mess with hipster foodies that wanted the domain for their cuisine review site. 

why does your logo look like it was drawn on microsoft paint by a drunk idiot?


Take a wild guess.