QUIZ: Real UTC band name? Or Crouton made-up shenanigans?

Under the Couch, Georgia Tech's venue for students to form bands that play music that defines genres (and, oftentimes, the distinction of being called 'music'), has hosted countless groups with increasingly bizarre names. We here at The Crouton, a name that totally makes sense for a fake newspaper and is in no way weird, have picked our ten favorite names - now it's up to you to decide which ones are real and which ones are Crouton fabrications. 

Disclaimer: Any opinions published in this quiz are entirely satirical in nature. If your band was featured, we liked your name well enough to make a quiz featuring it. If you want to name your up-and-coming band after one of our made-up names, we expect a royalty check within the week. If you knew none of these, maybe you should mosey on down to UTC for a show, you uncultured swine.

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