Opinionated NRE in International Ethics Class Drops Out to Become Full-Time Philosopher

Many students in INTA 3060, The Ethics and Philosophy of International Relations, are mourning the loss of their greatest debater, a second year NRE student. This student did not die, or “cross the River Styx to the greatest quest that awaits mankind” as he might say, but rather he dropped out of Georgia Tech to become a full time philosopher. A self-proclaimed gift to the world’s intelligentsia, but a loss for his former classmates, he will be missed.

A long Facebook post detailing how much he enjoyed knowing his fellow classmates explained the reasoning behind abandoning Georgia Tech to move into a cabin he intends to build in the middle of that one stone quarry in Bankhead. He says he intends to publish his first novel, An Analysis of Human Rights and the Morality of the Human Spirit: How I Found Philosophy and How It Found Me in My Studies of the Iraq War, sometime in the Fall of 2018 after he finishes posting five paragraph political arguments on Facebook and responding to each and every comment from the inevitable Facebook debates that they cause. While he considered going into law before his decision to pursue philosophy, he views it as much too corrupt and dishonest for a pure soul like his to pursue.

The Young Aristotle (this is both his self-given nickname and his rapper name for his underground mixtape: Reject White Privilege ft. Macklemore) posted to facebook to announce his decision:

Disclaimer: This article is a work of satire. None of the events described below occurred in real life. None of the opinions expressed reflect those of Georgia Tech.

The Crouton