Join the newest Freshman Leadership Organization, GTFO!

Join the newest Freshman Leadership Organization, GTFO!


Are you interested in joining just another average freshman leadership organization? Have you always wanted to join a Greek organization, but none on campus were selective enough? Consider joining the newest opportunity to pad your resume with meaningless “leadership”, the Georgia Tech Freshman Organization (GTFO)!

Freshman year is a hard transition from high school for a number of students on campus, but you don’t have to go through it alone. Just take it from one of our newest members, Chad Broadwell, who says: “I was uneasy here at my time at Tech until I found GTFO. I applied on a whim and didn’t really expect to make it, but as I walked by the Clow [sic] Undergraduate Commons and all the leaders were screaming ‘GTFO! GTFO!’, I felt much more at home.”

Applications for GTFO are now open! We have a wide range of events, or “Happenings” as we call them, on campus this semester, and they’re open to everyone. As we’re sure you’ll hear throughout your time at Tech, it’s never too late to GTFO! Our events for this semester include:


August 21- Staring Directly at the Solar Eclipse

Who needs special glasses when you have superior genes? We at GTFO are going to the top floor of the G. Wayne Clough Undergraduate Learning Commons (or, as you know it, the ‘closer’ Starbucks) and staring right at the eclipse. This is the first one in all of our lifetimes, so why block it out with some stupid sunglasses? It’s gonna be LIT!


September 4- Tailgating and Beekeeping

Loads of other schools have live mascots at their games, so why shouldn’t we? Join us as before the first game of the season as we combine two things that should always go together: loads of alcohol and several barrels of live, angry Yellow Jackets. We’ll knock back a couple cold ones, get up close and personal with our live mascots, and launch them via giant catapult into the visitor’s parking deck.  


October 3- Social

We will be meeting in one of the study rooms in the GT Connector (we don’t know which one yet, we’re going to send our fall intern there at 5 A.M. to secure a room, stay tuned for details) with water and complimentary fortune cookies stockpiled from the Lucky Buddha and having an event that is just three hours of everyone’s favorite activity: FASET Icebreakers! That’s right: we'll get to know each other through super fun and in no way awkward games like two truths and a lie or that weird game where we put sticky notes with celebrity names on our foreheads.


October 31- Halloween Party and Speed Dating Session

Well, Georgia Tech told us we couldn’t actually host a speed dating session, so this is a speed “friending” session, with possible romantic encounters. Just come into it with the mindset of a married woman on tinder. And what better way to meet the friend… of your life than at a Halloween party wearing clothing that completely obscures what they actually look like in day-to-day life. For some (all) of us here at GTFO, it’s definitely an advantage.


November 24- Touch the Wreck Day

Right before we send the famous Wreck into battle against the Dwags in Atlanta, GTFO will give its members a special opportunity to make sure the Wreck is good and relaxed on gameday by giving it a sensual back rub, as is tradition.


Finals Week, December 6- Library Lock In

Bring food, drinks (sodas, guys!), and all your friends for our all night rager in the library. We'll celebrate the end of semester with therapy dogs for those of you who can't handle finals, an awkward middle school dance floor where no one dances but everyone stands around the edges sipping on sodas and eating two-bite brownies, and free coffee IVs so you can get the caffeine you need straight to the blood stream! 


Applications are now open and can be found here:

Remember, it is never too late to GTFO!



Disclaimer: This is, as far as we know, an entirely fictional organization. If you join, you will be receiving emails from us regarding events and articles. So be ready for that. Also, please don't actually stare at the sun during an eclipse. You WILL get hurt. We in no way endorse that action. We are not officially affiliated with Georgia Tech. 

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