Tech’s 9 Sexiest Date spots for this Valentine’s Day


A day of emotion, affection, and human interaction -- basically every Georgia Tech student’s worst nightmare -- is upon us. Here at the Crouton, instead of actually getting dates, we decided to come up with a list of the sexiest spots on campus for you to take yours.

1.      West Village: This one is a double whammy; not only can you treat your significant other to dinner, but you can also feel good about getting rid of those freshman meal swipes. Bring candles for some extra romance and to set fire to what West Village generously calls food when it proves to be inedible.

2.      CULC Staircase: Sexy. Studious. Uncomfortable. Nothing creates sexual tension like a make-out session while the knitting club awkwardly tries to focus on creating rainbow kitten mittens a few feet away.

3.      Bobby Dodd at night: Sneak in and disappoint your parents in Bobby Dodd, the ultimate cathedral of disappointment. You could be one of the few Tech students to score on Grant Field this season.

4.      Under the Couch: Pick up a guitar, take the stage, and sing your K-pop/acoustic-fusion rendition of Dr. Dre’s timeless classic “Bitches ain’t shit” to your significant other while your band, Fig Newton Cyanide, backs you up on their collection of tubas built out of recycled trash cans.

5.      The College of Computing: It's called the “CoC” for a reason.

6.      The Catholic Center: Wine and dine her with communion wine and wafers. Just kidding -- go pray your sins away, you fuckin' weirdo.

7.      The CRC: Throw on your most revealing cut-off t-shirt to show off that tattoo you got on your ribs after a really bad breakup, and make everyone around you really uncomfortable by being that couple at the CRC.

8.      The Ropes Course: You know what ropes are good for? Bondage. And also building leadership skills by getting really sweaty and falling on one of the bridges in such a way that a clip from your harness snags on your pants and rips them clean off and leaves you dangling in midair with your mini-Campanile out in the open for all to see.

9.      A freshman dorm: The true Freshman Experience™ is being disappointed in five minutes or less within the confines of a twin bed. The real charm in this location is hearing your partner’s roommate yell as they snipe people in Fortnite.


Disclaimer: We in no way encourage you to get sexy anywhere listed above. The safer bet is to throw on a snuggy and binge watch Top Gear. The Crouton and its views are not officially associated with Georgia Tech.





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